Historical Dance Workshop-New dates in July

Our Historical Dance workshop will now take place from Saturday July 8th-Wednesday July 12th. This is perfect for all of you who want to stay the full week and use the extra days to explore what incredible Italy has in store for you.

This Historical Dance workshop will include early dance which embraced social dancing of the courts and ballrooms of Europe, and choreography from theatre and court entertainment. The periods covered range from the fifteenth century to the nineteenth. Within this span, periods are often identified by titles, such as:

Renaissance dance (in England, Elizabethan dance and Tudor dance)
Baroque dance

Some typical dance forms are:

Basse danse, Bassa danza, Ballo, Tordion, Pavan (or pavanne), Almain (or almayne), Galliard, Canario, Passomezzo (or Passo e mezo)
Country dance, Gigue, Sarabande, Rigaudon, Minuet (or Menuet)
Cotillion, Quadrille, Mazurka, Waltz

Join us for this incredible 5 days of sheer joy and dancing!

Historical Dance Workshop in Florence

Historical Dance Workshop in Florence

Field Trips

2017 Italy Workshop Dates are Here!!

We know you are still enjoying the relaxing time that summer brings but it is time to make plans to have an even cooler summer next year in Florence, Italy! Check out our workshops and dates and reserve your spots.

Commedia dell’Arte with Roberto Andrioli and Marco Bendoni will take place June 26-July 21, 2017. A 2-week option is available.

Mask Making with Roberto Andrioli will take place June 26-July 7, 2017. Each participant will make two masks and learn the process from start to finish.

Historical Dance with Marco Bendoni will take place July 10-14, 2017. Explore the historical dances and perform a public performance.

Italian Design with Katia Santuccio will take place July 3-21, 2017. Go behind the scenes of the exquisite world of Italian Design and Architecture.

Not only does Go Inspired provide you with these unique workshops, we also help you to explore all the great things Florence and the Tuscany region has to offer. Join us in 2017 for an amazing summer.


Sunset at Piazza Michelangelo



Mask Making and Commedia workshop creates amazing masks

A combined Mask Making and Commedia workshop run by Roberto Andrioli brought participants from the the UK, Canada and the US. They spent 2 weeks in Florence learning about the the art of mask making and producing their own masks. The participants also had a chance to enhance their Commedia dell’Arte acting skills. The group made sure to explore the delights of Florence and visit the Uffizi Gallery, Cinque Terre and have a beautiful evening watching the sunset in Piazza Michelangelo.

Thank you to all the participants, instructor Roberto Andrioli and  Florence representative Maria DiNoia for a wonderful 2 weeks.

Looking forward to next year!

Mask Making WorkshopMask Making WorkshopIMG_20160715_191638

2016 Dates

Here at Go Inspired, we are always working to make sure our fabulous programs grow each year. So far, we have our 2016 dates for our workshops that take place in Florence, Italy. If you haven’t had a chance to spend some time in Italy, what better place to be in the summer than Florence! Beauty everywhere you turn. Spaghetti, gelato, pizza and wine. Breathe in the art and culture that Florence has to offer with one of our 4 workshops. We guarantee an experience that will be remembered forever.

Commedia dell’Arte: June 27-July 22, 2015. The workshop will run for 4 weeks but for those who can only participate for a shorter amount of time can join the group the first 2 weeks.

Italian Design Workshop: June 27-July 15, 2016. The Design workshop will be 3 weeks and will include one full day in Milan. A chance to get to know architecturally both famous Italian cities.

Mask Making Workshop: July 4-15, 2016. This is an amazing hands-on workshop that will show you how to make your own masks from start to finish. Go home with a beautiful mask designed and made by you!

Historical Dance Workshop: July 11-15, 2016. Join this 1-week workshop and go back in time to the age of the Renaissance. A fun way to spend a week in Florence.


Summer Camp in USA 2015

Day 1: What a fast adaptation!

June 30th:

Good morning Bethel! First day of our big adventure. The town woke up with a sunny day.


Primero de todo, los estudiantes recibieron una clase de preparación para aclarar las reglas que deben seguir una vez empiecen a trabajar en los campamentos con niños americanos.

First of all, students took a training lesson, just to clarify the rules they’ll have to follow in the camp they’ll be working. Their faces are poems.



Cuando acabamos la charla, conocimos a algunos niños pequeños americanos, con los que jugamos un poco y pudimos romper el hielo nada más llegar.

Then, we met some little american children and played with them. It was just an ice-breaker.



Después del juego, tuvimos un rato para comer y ganar fuerzas para la primera excursión. Caminamos y caminamos desde el llamado Municipal Center hasta la zona de los colegios. Hicimos un tour por el instituto principal de Bethel y disfrutamos de este precioso ambiente.

After that, we had lunch and rise strength for the first excursion. We walked from the Municipal Center to the schools zone. We visited Bethel Highschool and enjoy this pretty environment.

10bt15¡Nuestra primera foto de GRAN EQUIPO!

11bt15              12bt15



Finally, we’ve finished the camp and now we’re doing an AMERICAN FOOTBALL workshop!

¡Hemos acabado la jornada y ahora estamos haciendo un taller de FÚTBOL AMERICANO!




Y para acabar el día, aquí tenemos a Carlos explicándonos un poco que ha hecho hoy. Esto ha sido todo por hoy, nuestro primer día ha acabado fenomenal, como si lleváramos tres meses viviendo aquí.



Cinque Terre Trip

Traveling to Europe is now cheaper

For those of you who have been itching to go to Europe but the cost of the Euro has been cramping your style, now is your chance!! With the value of the Euro falling, take advantage of Europe while it’s hot. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed. Our European programs have something for everyone.  See what all the hype is spending a few weeks in the summer in Europe’s famous capital cities.

Cheapest Places in Europe by Huffington Post

Summer in Ireland

Ireland 2015 – Start making your plans for the summer

Green grass, rolling hills, black taxis, medieval castles, Dublin and full immersion in English (as well as so  much more) awaits the students who joins us in Ireland for a month this summer!

The dates for the trip to Ireland will be June 28-July 22, 2015 if leaving from Boston. If leaving from Spain or another country in Europe, the date will be June 29th.

Summer in Ireland 2014

This is a unique opportunity for students who are studying English. It is a trip around Ireland with a group of American students ages 14-18, visiting the spectacular sights, learning about Irish culture and enjoying the amazing things only Ireland has to offer.

For more information, please check out Summer trip to Ireland


Ferragamo's Rainbow Sandal

Studying Ferragamo in Italian Interior Design Workshop

Studying Salvatore Ferragamo with Italian Design Workshop in Florence, Italy

Go Inspired’s Italian Interior Design workshop in Florence, Italy each summer gives participants an inside view into the art of Italian Design. Italian Design cannot be talked about without mentioning the famous Salvatore Ferragamo. Studying Ferragamo’s influence is a must when looking at Italian Design.

Has anyone made you a pair of shoes? What about your brother making you a pair of shoes? Well if you were Salvatore Ferragamo’s sibling, you would have said “yes” to both of those questions!

The Beginning…

Born in 1898 as the 11th of 14th children,  Salvatore Ferragamo discovered his calling early. His path in the world of fashion  began when he made his first pair of shoes at the age of 9 for his sisters’ confirmation (what brother does that these days?). Having a passion for shoes, he studied shoemaking in Naples. After his studies he opened a small shop in his parents’ house. But in 1914, he moved to Boston to be with his brother. The visionary that he was, Ferragamo conviced his brothers to move to California.

He found success when he opened a shop that repaired shoes and customized shoes. Celebrities fell in love with his shoes which led him to designing footwear for the cinema. He was knows as the “shoemaker to the stars”. While many would feel complete with this given title, Ferragamo wanted to work on improving his designs as they were pleasing to the eye but hurting the foot. So he studied anatomy, chemical engineering and mathematics at the University of Southern California with the goal of improving his designs.

After thirteen years in the US, Ferragamo left and  returned to Italy, a place that was filled with traditionally skilled craftsmen.  He set up in Florence and during this time, he made shoes for the wealthiest and most powerful women of that age. He also concentrated his efforts in experimenting with design, applying for patents for ornamental and utility models and some related inventions. From 1929-1936, he made his most celebrated designs like the ‘wedges’. In the period post war, Ferragamo’s shoes were the symbol of Italy’s renovation. He invented  the stiletto heels which were worn by Marilyn Monroe and the famous gold sandals. He also used several innovative materials like wood, cork, metal wire, felt, candy wrappers and glass-like synthetic resins to make shoes.

His designs were art, some strange and others traditionally elegant, but they were  inspirations to other footwear designers of his time and beyond. At the age of 62, Salvatore Ferragamo died.  The Ferragamos Salvatore company, now an Italian luxury goods company,  has expanded its operations to include luxury shoes, bags, eyewear, silk accessories, watches, perfumes and a clothing line. At his death his wife Wanda and later their six children (Fiamma, Giovanna, Fulvia, Ferruccio, Massimo and Leonardo) ran the Ferragamo company.  Its headquarters are in Florence, Italy.

Salvatore Ferragamo’s Legacy Continues

Now there is a museum dedicated to Ferragamo’s life and work which is in the Palazzo Spini Feroni which serves as an inspiration for present and future designers. Each year there is a different exhibition showcasing different elemensts of his work. Beginning April 19th, a new exhibit titled “The Amazing shoemaker” will look at the world of fairy tales “in which adults and children continue to experience reality in its many and varied statements through the mechanisms of fantasy and transfiguration”.  This exhibit will look at fairy tales through modern eyes. ” As if now, more than ever, there was the need to address through the paths mysterious fantasy and dream the solutions, the answers to the set of moral questions, doubts and problems that plague our times. It is in times of crisis that presents itself increases the need to fantasize with imagination and overcome obstacles and fears. It is a universal necessity since this instinct is paramount. That is why fairy tales are considered inexhaustible reservoir of our archetypes, of our primitive experiences”.

A highlight and important part of the Italian Interior Design Workshop in Italy is the exploration of Salvatore Ferragamo’s works of art. Participants will have a chance to have a special guided tour in his museum to carefully explore his style and his designs.

The Italian Interior Design workshop in Florence, Italy is 3-weeks from June 30-July 18th. Participants will work 4 hours a day and have a chance to explore Florence and Tuscany in their free time.

The cost is 2300 Euros which includes accommodation and the workshop. For more information on this Italian Interior Design workshop, check out

Italian Interior Design Workshop in Italy

Information taken from http://www.museoferragamo.it/en/


Milan Furniture Fair-Tour and Explore

Milan Furniture Fair

Watch Milan be transformed with the International Furniture Fair

Filled with unique objects from talented new designers and well-known companies, the International Furniture Fair is a showcase for interiors. The Milan Furniture Fair first made its appearance in 1961. The idea behind it was that it would be a way to promote Italian furniture and furnishing accessories on the export market. The goal was accomplished and today the fair attracts visitors from all over the world to see the latest in home furnishings.  It is the largest trade fair of its kind showcasing the latest in design furnishings from around the world.

Every year hundreds of designers showcase thousands of products for every sector of the home ware market. From lamps to knives, there is something incredible to add to each home.

The 2013 Fair was attended by 285,698 trade operators, 193,024 of them were from foreign countries, over 38,000 members of the public and 6,578 communication operators. The fair exhibits the newest designs in furnishing at top quality.

Don’t miss out and join the next International Fair in Milan April 8-13, 2014 when Milan itself is turned into a showcase.

If you are looking to go behind the scenes to this fair, join our Tour and Explore program as Italian Architect Katia Santuccio takes you around in the fair. You will see Milan and the fair through another set of designer eyes!

For more information, check out our program: Milan Furniture Fair Tour and Explore Program