2019 Summer in Florence dates!

We  wrapped up a fabulous summer in Florence and are just getting back on our feet. We were lucky to have a wide range of ages and countries represented this year with our Commedia dell’Arte and Mask Making Workshops.

Now we are already getting ready for summer 2019. Don’t let time escape you! Sign up now to reserve your place and spend 2 weeks in Florence, Italy.

2019 Dates

Commedia dell’Arte: July 15-26

Mask Making: July 15-26

Italian Design: July 1-12

Roberto sharing his Mask Making knowledge

Roberto sharing his Mask Making knowledge


Students hard at work making their own masks

Students hard at work making their own masks

Commedia dell'Arte 2018



Commedia dell'Arte 2018 Commedia dell'Arte 2018 Commedia dell'Arte 2018

Verano en EEUU

Un Verano en EEUU para niños/niñas

Estas buscando un programa para tu hijo/a este verano?? Un programa donde puede descubrir EEUU? Vive con una familia? Habla ingles todo el día? Tenemos un programa para ti!

Fechas: Del 28 de junio al 22 de julio

Precio: 4600€
– Billetes de avión Madrid-Nueva York y Nueva York-Madrid – Todo el transporte (autobuses, trenes, etc.)
– Alojamiento con las familias americanas
– Campamento con americanos
– Comidas y cenas en restaurantes
-Viajes a NYC y Boston
– Hotel en Boston
– Talleres, masterclasses y actividades
– Monitores biligües

Para mas info:
Verano en EEUU

Spanish exchange students

Summer 2015 Host Family Experience Video

One of our host siblings put together this fabulous video of her experience with a Spanish exchange student the summer of 2015. Long lasting friendships were made and new experiences took place. Looking forward to Summer of 2017 when Spanish students again go to Connecticut, USA and then Americans go spend 2 weeks on the coast of Spain. Looking forward to the new adventures!

Study Chinese in China

Summer in China 2015

Is your child learning Chinese? Do they want to really speak the language? The best way for your child to improve his/her language skills is through immersion! Go Inspired has teamed up with Capital Mandarin and is offering a fabulous trip to China this summer for students.

Our Summer Trip to China to Learn Chinese is for students from ages 12+. It is a fully-chaperoned group taking students to China from New York, United States, from Zurich, Switzerland and Valencia, Spain for 3-4 weeks during July and August so students have a chance to learn Chinese in China in the summer.

summer in china

We believe that language study is greatly enhanced by an understanding of the culture in which the language is spoken—this is what sets Capital Mandarin apart from other Chinese language schools.

Beginner to advanced students welcome! Students participating in our Summer Trip to China to Learn Chinese will have 15 language lessons a week, each lesson 50 minutes with no more than 8 students in a class. There will be afternoon activities as well as 3 excursions per week focusing on Chinese culture.  The focus of this course is to provide an immersion experience for each participant. They will have an opportunity to explore and discover the exciting city of Beijing and all it has to offer as well as meet students from around the world.  There will be free time and many group activities outside the classroom.

The dates for this summer are: June 27-July 25 & July 25-Aug 22, 2015 so you choose what is convenient for you.

See one of our students Fernando Garcia this past summer in China.

Fernando in China 2014

For more information, please check out our website Summer in China

Summer Camp in USA

Weekend with host families.

Last weekend Spanish kids stayed with their host families, that’s why I didn’t upload any picture.

Monday we started our last adventure in USA because we went to NY

We are in Bethel now, so let’s start with New York posts.

Summer in USA

Day 14: Monday again!

We started a new week by doing two workshops, both of them related with plastic arts.  On the one hand, at Youth camp they made a class about some art techniques, and later they had time to show their own skills (I hope they did well). They made some bracelets too! I’m so jealous, I can never do those activities.

Hemos empezado una nueva semana haciendo dos talleres. En el Youth camp han hecho una clase sobre arte y más tarde han tenido tiempo para mostrar sus habilidades (espero que lo hicieran bien).  ¡Además han hecho pulseras! Estoy muy celoso, nunca puedo hacer esas actividades.


On the other hand, all the CIT’s enjoyed the morning making PILLOWS. They spent 2 hours designing their own pillow and starting sewing them.

Por otra parte, todos los CITs disfrutaron de la mañana haciendo cogines. Han estado 2 horas haciendo su propio cojín y empezando a coserlo.





Italian Design Workshop

Florence, Italy 2014 dates (Commedia dell’Arte & Italian Interior Design)

Ready to make your summer plans? Well Go Inspired will host 2 workshops in June/July in Commedia dell’Arte and Italian Interior Design in Florence, Italy!!

The dates will be June 30-July 18, 2014. It is an amazing way to spend 3 weeks. We guarantee you will enjoy your time immensely as we visit some of the famous sights as well.  You will also be challenged in our courses and learn a lot!  For more information, check out our website


A look into the world of Roberto Andrioli

An Interview with Roberto Andrioli, one of our Commedia dell’Arte instructors in Florence, Italy

Roberto Andrioli


1) Tell us about you. 

I am Roberto Andrioli, 42 years old and I have been practicing Theatre since I was 17 years old. I started in Florence at the Oriuolo Theatre then with Master Orazio Costa. Then I moved to Milan where I graduated from The Drama Academy of Piccolo Teatro directed by Master Giorgio Strehler. There I had the occasion to begin  studying Commedia dell’Arte with the famous Arlecchino Ferruccio Soleri and Mime techniques with Marise Flash (Decroux method) and I began to use the leather mask made by Master Sartori. I had the chance to study Commedia with Enrico Bonavera, Adriano Jurissevic, then Nicolay Karpov, and Yosci Oida. After I developed my experience studying physical theatre I continued with contemporary dance with Master Caroline Carlson. 

I spent two years working and collaborating with LA MAMA e.t.c in New York City, then I was part of the French theatre company Jean Francois Duroure. I have been teaching Commedia and making  Leather Masks  since 2000. I have worked in many productions of Prose, Musical and Commedia theatre as an Actor and Director. I love Commedia dell’Arte and in my opinion it is a very good meeting point between tradition and  innovation. It is a very creative theatre and Masks are very good instrument to develop the acting techniques for any kind of actor. Another good thing for me is the relation that we can find in the Commedia tradition between music, dance and acting.

2) How did you start with Commedia?

In Milan at the Piccolo Theatre Accademy with Ferrucio Soleri


3) Why is it important for actors to learn about Commedia?

Because Commedia dell’Arte is a very important cultural phenomenon that started in the 16th century in Italy and involved all Europe and influenced the most important classical playwrites in the 17th and 18th century in all of Europe. So we can say that our European tradition comes from Commedia that at this time it is connected with  Middle Age theatre and Latin theatre. Then I think that technicallly it is very important and funny for whoever is practicing acting to know the Commedia way of defining characters and using the body and voice.


4) What is challenging about Commedia?

The possibility to create  theatre based on physical gags and body expression where it is very clear that also the use of voice is a physical body thing. So in Commedia every strange and original idea can be good if the energetic impact on the audience it is at the right level. But to get to that level of energy and manage that level is a challenge for sure.


5) What do you teach in the workshop?

I try to find relation with music language so that the students understand that acting is like playing music, you need a lot of passion but a lot of control and time for repeating and repeating until you not only understand but take your body to the point to make the action in the right energy and speed in a precise way. And also I try to find out with the student their own way to make Zanni or Arlecchino or any of the characters. It is the most important thing to not lose our personality under the mask.

Roberto Andrioli in Commedia dell'Arte


6) Who is your favorite Commedia character?

I really like Arlecchino and the Old Pantalone in their relation. There is the father and the son, the master and the servant, the old and the young, and inside of Pantalone there is a little Arlecchino hidden and free…searching for love and freedom and not just money and business : )


7) Do we see Commedia characters in real-life today?

Always if you go out in the street or just inside of every family it is easy to still find these types of characters alive. Sometimes it is a very strong feeling and sometimes you are in the street and you turn to watch some character that captures your attention. Most of the time there is a Commedia character or a Commedia gag hidden in that reality.

Commedia dell'Arte in Florence

8) Marco Bendoni teaches another part of the course. Why is his part important too?

I really like his artistic work, his research and his spirit. I like the fact that he is a teacher of Renaissance and baroque dance, which is so connected with the history, the energy and the style of Commedia characters.  Also, Marco is a Master of Spiritual dances and meditation. I like to point the attention of the fact that Commedia is funny theatre but very deep. And to get the energy of the characters that are somehow deformations of human deficits and characteristics , the actor has to do deep, long, and continued work on balance, and manage the energy in the neutral dimension.  I find Marco so fun and full of inspiration and it is always a pleasure to work with him. He is a very special man 🙂 


Go Inspired will have its Commedia dell’Arte workshop in Florence, Italy  for 3 weeks from  June 30-July, 18. Check our website for up-to-date information on the course and deadlines.

Commedia dell’Arte in Florence, Italy

Looking for host families from Bethel, CT with children ages 12-18

Go Inspired will be starting an exciting program in Bethel, CT July 2014. This program is for Spanish students ages 12-18 who want to practice English, live with an American family and get to know American culture first hand. The following summer, Bethel, CT students will have the opportunity to go to Castellon, Spain to live like locals on the sunny coast which is 1 hour from Valencia and 2 hours from Barcelona.

We are currently looking for families from Bethel, CT to host a Spanish student for 3-4 weeks in July 2014. Families will be paid a weekly amount to host the student. We are looking for families who have an interest in involving the Spanish student in the family’s daily life and also families who want their children to go to Spain in the future. The Spanish students will have activities from in the morning and afternoon but will be free in most evenings.

This is a great opportunity for both families and students to exchange cultures. If you are interested, please let us know!


High School Trip to USA