Summer Camp in USA

Day 23: Stew Leonard’s and Danbury mall.

Wednesday, July 23rd

Two days before leaving USA. Today we spent the morning at Stew Leonard’s, a famous sumermarket well known because of its policy with clients. We took a tour a learnt how do they sell their products.





After that, we did what most of the people wanted to do: SHOPPING at the mall.

Después de eso, hemos hecho lo que mucha gente quería hacer: Ir de compras al centro comercial.








I take for granted that everybody loved it, and I don’t know if they will come back to Spain with any money…

Doy por hecho que a todo el mundo le ha encantado, y no tengo claro si volverán a España con algo de dinero…

But with any doubt, these were the 2 best moments in the day… One month later we’ve made new friends and we’ve lived new lives, and it’s for sure we won’t forget the people we’ve met.

Pero sin duda, estos han sido los 2 mejores momentos del día… Un mes después hemos hecho nuevos amigos y hemos vivido nuevas vidas, y seguro que no olvidaremos a aquellas personas que hemos conocido aquí, en Bethel.

2.- “Calcetines mortíferos”.  Spanish students don’t have hostbrothers anymore. Now they have real brothers.


1.- The cutest boy in Bethel, Pablo’s little brother.


Summer Camp in USA

Weekend with host families.

Last weekend Spanish kids stayed with their host families, that’s why I didn’t upload any picture.

Monday we started our last adventure in USA because we went to NY

We are in Bethel now, so let’s start with New York posts.

Summer Camp In USA

Day 15: Usual rainy day (but not for youth campers)

Tuesday, July 15th

Young campers went to Monster minigolf, so the Spanish CITs had to stayed at the camp and look after the kids that didn’t want to go. They had time to do whatever they wanted,  so some of them played sports and others made some bracelets. It was a relaxed day, but we wouldn’t be able to do anything because the sky was very dark and it was about to rain in few minutes Actually it started to rain hard at 2:00pm.

Los campers pequeñitos han ido al monster minigolf, así que los CITs españoles se han quedado en el campamento y han cuidado de los niños que no querían ir.  Han tenido tiempo para hacer lo que quisieran, por tanto algunos de ellos jugaron a varios deportes y otros hicieron pulseras (por ejemplo). Ha sido un día relajado, pero tampoco habríamos podido hacer nada porque el cielo estaba oscurísimo y era cuestión de tiempo que empezara a llover. Exactamente a las 14:00 ha empezado a caer una buena.



Por otra parte, los integrantes del Youth camp se lo han pasado bomba. Han tenido que ir al campamento en pijama y se han preparado para ver una película.  He recibido  varias  fotos de lo que iban haciendo:






Summer Camp in USA

Day 7: Starting the second week!

Monday, July 7th:

Today the CITs took their second masterclass about body language. Of course it was as fun as the first one.

Hoy los CITs han hecho su segunda masterclass sobre el lenguage corporal. POR SUPUESTO ha sido igual de divertida que la primera.





Meanwhile, the students at Youth camp were doing the SCAVENGER HUNT (they are going to tell us what’s about in the video at the end of the post).  Well, it seems they have fun the whole day.

Mientras tanto, los alumnos del Youth camp estaban haciendo el SCAVENGER HUNT (nos van a explicar de qué va esto en el vídeo adjunto al final del post). Bueno, parece que se lo pasan bien todo el día.

IMG_2288                   35


At 3:00pm we went to Margo’s house and we made a POOL PARTY. We ate cookies, chips, watermelon, grapes,… Also we swam a bit and enjoyed the evening so much.

A las 15:00 hemos ido a la casa de Margo y hemos hecho una FIESTA EN LA PISCINA. Hemos comido galletas, patatas fritas, sandía, uva… Además hemos nadado un poco y hemos disfrutado mucho de la tarde.







During the party, I decided to record my friends from Youth camp because I wanted to know what they had been doing in the camp. Here it is the video in which Emilio, Javier, Sergio, Candela and Ana tell us about their day.

Durante la fiesta, he decidido grabar a mis amigos del Youth camp porque quería saber que habían estado haciendo durante el campamento. Aquí está el vídeo donde Emilio, Javier, Sergio, Candela y Ana nos cuentan sobre su día.

Bethel Library

A glimpse at Bethel, Connecticut – A Summer Program for teens

Explore a quaint town in New England called Bethel

This year, for the first time, Go Inspired will be having a summer program in Bethel, Connecticut. The owner of Go Inspired, Margo Kopec, is a Bethel native and she thought it would be a great place to have a summer program.

Bethel, Connecticut

Margo has had the opportunity to live in other countries which is why she thinks having students from abroad come to Bethel during the summer is a perfect match.

According to Margo, “Bethel is a perfect place to have students get to know a side of American life. It has a great downtown area and wonderful local restaurants and ice cream shops. Plus it is close to New York City and Boston so it’s an ideal location.” Margo says another great thing about Bethel is the school complex and all the fields in one area. She adds, “Not many places, especially in Europe, have a lot of fields in one area and this is great for the kids coming from Europe”.

Some facts about Bethel, Connecticut:

  • Bicycle manufacturer Cannondale  and battery manufacturer Duracell are headquartered in Bethel.
  • Actress Meg Ryan was raised in Bethel.
  • P. T. Barnum (1810–1891) was born in Bethel at 55 Greenwood Avenue. He expanded the home during his youth after a fire destroyed the front of the building. He is famous for founding the circus.

The following movies were filmed in Bethel:

  • The Entrepreneurs (2008)
  • Revolutionary Road (2008)
  • Rise of the Dead (2007)
  • Other People’s Money (1991)
  • The Case of the Cosmic Comic (1976)
  • Rachel, Rachel (1968)
Bethel Library (Courtesy of JCJ Architecture)

(Picture Courtesy of JCJ Architecture)

Bethel was first settled around 1700. The first houses built in Bethel were in the 1730s or 1740s. As of 2010, there were over 18,000 people living in Bethel. Margo highlights that Bethel has great neighborhoods where kids can play outside, a local grocery store (supermarket), wonderful cafes and bakeries as well as many delicious restaurants (Italian, Chinese, French, American, etc.)

“I am excited and proud to share Bethel with our European participants. Bethel was my home for the first 18 years of my life and after traveling to various countries, I know what special attributes it has and I know our participants will enjoy their time here”.

Go Inspired’s summer program for students ages 12-17 will take place June 30-July 25, 2014. If you would like to be a host family, please contact us. More information can be found here:

Sycamore Restaurant in Bethel, CT

(Courtesy of Matthew Rose Real Estate)