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Live music, cozy pubs & beautiful green landscapes

Politically, the island is divided between the Republic of Ireland, which covers just under five-sixths of the island, and Northern Ireland, a part of the United Kingdom, which covers the remainder. The country is proud of its small size which can be driven across in just 4 hours! The population of Ireland is approximately 6.4 million with about 4.6 million living in the Republic of Ireland and nearly 1.8 million living in Northern Ireland. Because it has a small-town vibe, you will get to know your neighbors quickly and within no time, it will seem you know bloody everyone!

Since the late 19th century, English has become the predominant first language having been a spoken language in Ireland since the Middle Ages. Their use of the English language can be downright comical with their Irish phrases and banter. Try to “give it a lash” and don’t be a “minus craic”!

Ireland has some of the most impressive scenery in the world. It is an ancient land of mysticism and history so be prepared to be enchanted. The Emerald Isle is one of Europe’s gems, with lakes, mountains, sea and sky. With so much to see and do, you will not want to leave this breathtaking island!

And don’t forget about the people! Voted as some of the friendliest folk around, you will be guaranteed to make Irish friends as soon as you step off the plane!


With one of the fastest growing populations in Europe, Dublin will surprise you with its live music scene and contemporary culture. Dublin is teeming with Irish folk music, dance rugby, soccer (football) and beer. With world-class venues and live music along with over 700 pubs (that’s right, 700+), there is always something to do.

The city is full of young and diverse people who call Dublin their home. And because they are so friendly, you are bound to have wonderful encounters with these lively people. The city boasts green spaces and is in close proximity to nature. The moderate climate will guarantee that you will never freeze or overheat. Make sure to bring your umbrella (it isn’t called the Emerald Island for nothing) but it definitely doesn’t rain as much as you think it does! Plus it’s a mosquito-free city for those of you who have sweet blood.

A short flight from other major capitals in Europe, it is a great place to practice your English and to see if there really is Luck of the Irish.

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