2019 Summer in Florence dates!

We  wrapped up a fabulous summer in Florence and are just getting back on our feet. We were lucky to have a wide range of ages and countries represented this year with our Commedia dell’Arte and Mask Making Workshops.

Now we are already getting ready for summer 2019. Don’t let time escape you! Sign up now to reserve your place and spend 2 weeks in Florence, Italy.

2019 Dates

Commedia dell’Arte: July 15-26

Mask Making: July 15-26

Italian Design: July 1-12

Roberto sharing his Mask Making knowledge

Roberto sharing his Mask Making knowledge


Students hard at work making their own masks

Students hard at work making their own masks

Commedia dell'Arte 2018



Commedia dell'Arte 2018 Commedia dell'Arte 2018 Commedia dell'Arte 2018

Commedia dell'Arte

Commedia dell’Arte Workshop Adds Dates

Calling all actors and mask makers!!! We have the perfect way to spend 2 weeks this summer. Combine your love for traveling and exploring with your desire to improve your acting skills through learning about Commedia dell’Arte. This year the course will feature two days of learning about and creating your own Commedia dell’Arte mask.

The course will run Monday-Friday July 16-27th with weekends free to explore beautiful Tuscany. Optional trips will be available.

The cost is 1995 euros which includes the 40-hour workshop and double accommodation in an apartment in the center of Florence.


Commedia and Mask workshop

A summer that will NOT disappoint!

Commedia dell'Arte Workshop

Commedia dell’Arte Workshop

Summer 2015 Commedia dell’Arte workshop in Florence, Italy

Six participants from different countries descended upon Florence, Italy and spent the summer learning about Commedia dell’Arte from 2 talented Italian actors. The workshop, in its 5th year, brought a lot of laughs, new friendships and of course, learning about Commedia, its characters, physical work and dance. Not to mention the amazing time spending the summer in Florence, Italy, visiting museums, trips to hot springs, exploring beautiful Cinque Terre and of course, eating the famous Italian cuisine. The next Commedia dell’Arte workshop will take place in summer 2016. Start making your plans for an incredible summer.

Commedia Workshop

Commedia dell'Arte Workshop

Sunset Group picture

Commedia dell'Arte Workshop

Commedia in New York City Summer 2015

Come learn Commedia dell’Arte in New York City this summer! The course focuses on movement, gesture, history of the characters, improvisation, lazzi, mask work, mime, physical skills, prop manipulation, rhythm, scatology, scenario work, women and more; all integrated.

It is a chance to discover the Commedia characters and improve your improv skills.

The course runs from June 21-26, 2015 in the Centro Espanol in New York City. It will be 40+ hours.

The cost is $535. Housing is not included but we can assist you in finding the accommodation you are looking for.

For more information, check out

Commedia dell’Arte Day February 25, 2015

February 25th is the day the world recognizes Commedia dell’Arte. Thanks to Commedia, we have the term “slapstick”. Commedia dell’Arte began in the 16th Century in Italy when professional actors traveled around in troupes performing on city streets, royal courts or wherever they had an audience. There were no elaborate sets and they used what they could find for props including animals, food, and furniture. Some of the most famous characters that came out of Commedia are Arlecchino, Pantalone, Zanni and Il Capitano.  The character Arlecchino bore two sticks tied together, which made a great noise on impact leading to “slapstick” comedy. Using improvisation and masks, Commedia became world famous and today we can see the characters portrayed in movies and television.

Go Inspired is proud to offer a Commedia dell’Arte course in the place where it all began. A fun hands-on workshop with participants from all over the world blending their cultures, humor and improvisation skills while learning from professional Italian actors. Join the course for 2 or 4 weeks, accommodation included. For more information, check out Commedia dell’Arte in Florence.

If you would like to learn the art of mask making, join us for a 2-week course where you will leave with 2 masks.

Mask Making Workshop in Florence, ItalyCommedia dell'Arte Workshop

Back to business

After a very busy summer, we are now heading into Fall and are revving up for our courses in 2015.  A big thanks to all of you (families, leaders, Park and Rec, Bethel High School, students, etc.)  who helped make the programs so successful.

With a great summer program in the US behind us, we are looking forward to our new program in Spain this year. We will be taking a group of high school students to the beautiful coast of Spain for 3 weeks. There they will live with a family and get to know Spanish students their age. They will be doing activities and workshops to help them get to know the Spanish culture better. It will be an exciting trip that will stay in their memories forever. This will take place at the end of June to July, 2015.

Summer Trip to USA

We will also be continuing our summer programs in Italy.

Commedia dell’Arte: a 2 or 4-week course in Florence, Italy June 29-July 24, 2015

Commedia dell'Arte workshop

Historal Dance: 1 week course in Florence, Italy July 13-17, 2015

Mask Making: 2-week course in Florence, Italy July 20-31, 2015

Italian Design Workshop: a 3 or 5-week course that will take place 4 weeks in Florence and 1 week in Milan. A great course to learn about Italian design and architecture from Italian designers and architects themselves! June 29-July 31, 2015

For you language learners, we have fun and amazing trips to Ireland and China where we guarantee you will improve your language and give you an experience of a lifetime.

Start making your plans for 2015 and start with Go Inspired. We challenge you to explore the world and take a journey into yourself!


Commedia Workshop in Florence, Italy

The students have been working on creating some classic commedia characters (Il Capitano, Pantalone, Ricciolina, and Arlequino) with the instructors, Roberto Andrioli and Marco Bendoni. They are using improvisation and physical adaptations of characters to enhance classic and timeless scenarios. During the second week, they learned some traditional and period dances, the first being the dance of the Tarantella. The energy is up, the learning is visible and the inspiration is apparent!

Commedia dell'Arte workshop in Italy

The final performance was fantastic.
Performance  of Commedia in ItalyCommedia dell'Arte Workshop in Italy