Historical Dance Workshop-New dates in July

Historical Dance Workshop-New dates in July

Our Historical Dance workshop will now take place from Saturday July 8th-Wednesday July 12th. This is perfect for all of you who want to stay the full week and use the extra days to explore what incredible Italy has in store for you.

This Historical Dance workshop will include early dance which embraced social dancing of the courts and ballrooms of Europe, and choreography from theatre and court entertainment. The periods covered range from the fifteenth century to the nineteenth. Within this span, periods are often identified by titles, such as:

Renaissance dance (in England, Elizabethan dance and Tudor dance)
Baroque dance

Some typical dance forms are:

Basse danse, Bassa danza, Ballo, Tordion, Pavan (or pavanne), Almain (or almayne), Galliard, Canario, Passomezzo (or Passo e mezo)
Country dance, Gigue, Sarabande, Rigaudon, Minuet (or Menuet)
Cotillion, Quadrille, Mazurka, Waltz

Join us for this incredible 5 days of sheer joy and dancing!

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