Host a Spanish student

Join us hosting a Spanish Student this summer

A friendship of a lifetime

An exciting program is taking place in Bethel, CT this summer for the 2nd year in a row. We are excited to be partnering with Bethel High World Language Department and 2 Spanish schools to bring 20 Spanish teenagers to experience life in the US.

Each student will stay with a host family from June 29-July 22. The student will be participating in activities each day and would have time with the host family in the evenings and on 2 weekends. Host families receive $400.

Last year we tried this program for the first time. It was more successful that we could have ever imagined. Spanish students and host families developed a nice bond and shared a lot of unique experiences. When it came time to leave, everyone was in tears. We have some returning students and returning host families.

This year we are down to our last 14 students. We have 3 girls and 11 boys. Their ages and profiles range so families can choose from a list of students who they think would be a good match for their family. Host family children are welcome to participate in the activities with the Spanish students. We go to Skyzone, have pool parties, take trips and just have a good time together.


2014 Students in a Pool Party

US kids with Spanish students in a Pool Party in Bethel


Why could this be beneficial to your family?
This is a culturally enriching experience as your family learns about a new culture and you have a chance to share yours. It is a chance to get to welcome another person into your home so he/she can see how you live.

What if I can’t drop off/pick up the student?
This is no problem. We arrange rides and carpooling so it is easier on everyone.

Does student need a lot of entertaining?
Not so much. The student will be at camp during the week from 9-3 and on some days 9-5. Some days there are activities in the evenings so the student would only be with you on some evenings and 2 weekends.

Does the student need his/her own bedroom?
No, the student needs a bed in a bedroom but the room can be shared with another child in the family of the same sex.

What if a family is going away on vacation?
This is not a problem as long as we know in advance so we can find coverage during this time. The family is also allowed to take the student along with them on trips or activities but we need to know in advance.

Do host families need to be from Bethel, CT?
No, this is not necessary. Living closer to Bethel would be easier but the most important thing is that we have quality families committed to providing a loving environment so we can help out with the driving.

What does the family need to provide?
The family needs to provide meals, a bed and access to the internet.


2014 Students in New York City

2014 Spanish Students in New York City

Give a rewarding experience and help your children to learn and grow

More information about the students can be found here:


To sign up for the program, click here:

Contact us for any questions at

Thank you for considering joining us in giving a summer of a lifetime to a Spanish student.


Summer Camp in USA

Weekend with host families.

Last weekend Spanish kids stayed with their host families, that’s why I didn’t upload any picture.

Monday we started our last adventure in USA because we went to NY

We are in Bethel now, so let’s start with New York posts.

High School Trip to USA

Go Inspired will be starting an exciting program in Bethel, CT July 2014. This program is for Spanish students ages 12-18 who want to practice English, live with an American family and get to know American culture first hand. The following summer, Bethel, CT students will have the opportunity to go to Castellon, Spain to live like locals on the sunny coast which is 1 hour from Valencia and 2 hours from Barcelona.

We are currently looking for families from Bethel, CT to host a Spanish student for 3-4 weeks in July 2014. Families will be paid a weekly amount to host the student. We are looking for families who have an interest in involving the Spanish student in the family’s daily life and also families who want their children to go to Spain in the future. The Spanish students will have activities from in the morning and afternoon but will be free in most evenings.

This is a great opportunity for both families and students to exchange cultures. If you are interested, please let us know!


High School Trip to USA