Back to business

After a very busy summer, we are now heading into Fall and are revving up for our courses in 2015.  A big thanks to all of you (families, leaders, Park and Rec, Bethel High School, students, etc.)  who helped make the programs so successful.

With a great summer program in the US behind us, we are looking forward to our new program in Spain this year. We will be taking a group of high school students to the beautiful coast of Spain for 3 weeks. There they will live with a family and get to know Spanish students their age. They will be doing activities and workshops to help them get to know the Spanish culture better. It will be an exciting trip that will stay in their memories forever. This will take place at the end of June to July, 2015.

Summer Trip to USA

We will also be continuing our summer programs in Italy.

Commedia dell’Arte: a 2 or 4-week course in Florence, Italy June 29-July 24, 2015

Commedia dell'Arte workshop

Historal Dance: 1 week course in Florence, Italy July 13-17, 2015

Mask Making: 2-week course in Florence, Italy July 20-31, 2015

Italian Design Workshop: a 3 or 5-week course that will take place 4 weeks in Florence and 1 week in Milan. A great course to learn about Italian design and architecture from Italian designers and architects themselves! June 29-July 31, 2015

For you language learners, we have fun and amazing trips to Ireland and China where we guarantee you will improve your language and give you an experience of a lifetime.

Start making your plans for 2015 and start with Go Inspired. We challenge you to explore the world and take a journey into yourself!


Italian Design Workshop in Italy Week 2

Week two started with a tour and tactile experience behind the scenes at one of fashions best artisans. We were able to see the many patterns and materials that go in to creating woven goods for the fashion industry, what a great way to inspire textile use in Interior Design!!! After a morning of looking at the samples he creates for clients we were able to tour his design work shop and his factory work shop and see how an idea from a design label becomes a reality in Andrea’s studio.

So interesting to see the artist process! 

Rain was not our friend for travel, but the group persevered and made it to the furniture icon showroom of Self Habitat where we were able to sit in some of the most renowned chairs in modern design history. Learning about Italian designers and the process from which they get their inspiration to how they create the end product and all the considerations was an eye opening experience for all.
The week was not all field trips as studio time is needed to get the final projects done! So a few days of creating and workin through their own artist process was accompanied by a visit and lecture from Fabio Leoncini, the architect for Ferragamo. Fabio showed his international works to the group and talked with them about the ideas and concepts of Ferragamo and what he has to produce for them. Fabio walked the group through the drawings that he did for the latest instillation at the Museo Ferragamo and explained the level of details, down to the exact shoe that he had to provide for his high end employer!
As week two wraps up the group is well on their way to creating amazing attempts at interpreting Equilibrium inspired by Museo Ferragamo.
Some even had a chance to go to the Ballet while in Florence!
Ballet and Design

Italian Design Workshop in Italy Week 1

What does a shoe designer to the stars, Ferrari, Indiana Jones and James Bond have in common? Week one of Summer 2014 in Florence with Go Inspired!!! Italian design Workshop in Italy

The first week has been jam packed with intensive studio time and trips around Florence and Italy. Expanding the ideas of the participants as they adventure through their first week living abroad is just the beginning of what Go Inspired offers.
So, beginning the week at Museo Ferragamo the participants are treated to a fully comprehensive docent tour of the museum and any and all questions are answered between the docent and Katia. Everyone left the museum with visions of their project incubating in their minds! This years exhibition is Equilibrium and so viewing the balance of life and design will play into their final projects. To see a different perspective on a designer museum, Museo Gucci was next in the list. Gaining knowledge from various designers and architects and what Florence has to offer kicks off this project of Equilibrium!
Ferrari, ah the gorgeous lines of pure Italian design, but it is the leather seats that connect us back to Go Inspired! An afternoon trip to S.P. A. Z. I. O. 360  and Palona Frau showroom is a sensory filling adventure, from marble, terra cotta, wood species, to the buttery soft leather chairs.  The guided visit walked us through the world of Italian design with an emphasis on the materials used to create great works.
 Italian design in Italy
Friday, the group each turned into their best Indiana Jones as we climbed aboard a Land Rover and made our way up to the mine sites of Carrara! The mountain paths are not for the faint at heart, but the prize was amazing!!! The vast sea of marble cut out from the mountain was awe inspiring, breathe taking, amazing! The view from the peak let you see out the the sea and understand why Carrara is perfect, with mining and distribution so compact. The guide was amazing to give us time for photography as well as to answer the endless questions this group of designers had! We descended down a road used in Quantum of Solace and became part of the history of movie making in Hollywood and Italy! After an amazing drive through the caves we arrived in to see where the great Italian sculptures picked their marble. A walk through the town of Carrara for Marble Weeks and this group was ready for a relaxing train home to Firenze! Ciao for now!
Trips for Italian Design Workshop