2020 dates for Commedia dell’Arte Workshop in Florence Italy

Commedia Workshop Italy

2020 dates for Commedia dell’Arte Workshop in Florence Italy

It’s official. Now that our new website has launched, we can let you know about the dates for those of you who have been checking the dates on the old website. Mark your calendars! July 6-17, 2020 is your time to be in Florence. Yes, it is hot, but so worth it. Trust us. This workshop is run by Italian actor, Roberto Andrioli. And since Commedia originated in Italy, why not study it where it began?! You will learn about the art of acting with masks, physical characterization, and techniques for interacting with the audience.

The workshop takes place 4 hours a day, Monday-Friday for 2 weeks. Housing is available the day before the workshop begins and the day after it finishes. You will be able to experience Florence on your own or with the group (dinners, trips, etc.). If you have never been to Florence, it’s a walking museum with art in every corner. If you have been to Florence already, we know why you are returning.

For questions about the workshop, visit the website Commedia Workshops

Feel free to get in contact with us. We’d love to tell you more!

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