Summer Camp in USA

Day 23: Stew Leonard’s and Danbury mall.

Wednesday, July 23rd

Two days before leaving USA. Today we spent the morning at Stew Leonard’s, a famous sumermarket well known because of its policy with clients. We took a tour a learnt how do they sell their products.





After that, we did what most of the people wanted to do: SHOPPING at the mall.

Después de eso, hemos hecho lo que mucha gente quería hacer: Ir de compras al centro comercial.








I take for granted that everybody loved it, and I don’t know if they will come back to Spain with any money…

Doy por hecho que a todo el mundo le ha encantado, y no tengo claro si volverán a España con algo de dinero…

But with any doubt, these were the 2 best moments in the day… One month later we’ve made new friends and we’ve lived new lives, and it’s for sure we won’t forget the people we’ve met.

Pero sin duda, estos han sido los 2 mejores momentos del día… Un mes después hemos hecho nuevos amigos y hemos vivido nuevas vidas, y seguro que no olvidaremos a aquellas personas que hemos conocido aquí, en Bethel.

2.- “Calcetines mortíferos”.  Spanish students don’t have hostbrothers anymore. Now they have real brothers.


1.- The cutest boy in Bethel, Pablo’s little brother.


Summer Camp in USA

Day 22: Visiting New York, the “tiny” city

We woke up so early and we probably slept less than in Boston… But it doesn’t matter, now we’re going to see the LIBERTY STATUE! We took a boat and we’re sailing around NY’s landscape.

Nos hemos despertado muy pronto y probablemente hayamos dormido menos que en Boston…Pero no importa, ahora vamos a ver la ESTATUA DE LA LIBERTAD. Hemos tomado un barco y estamos navegando alrededor del paisaje neoyorquino.






There’s no a better picture to describe what we saw at the end of the boat trip.

No hay mejor imagen para describir que vimos al final del viaje en barco.


That was a relaxed activity, we could be sitting in the boat and enjoying the waves without getting tired. However, then we’ve had to walk until Soho, Little Italy and China Town. We had a guide who explained us important facts about these areas. I can’t even feel my feet anymore.

Eso fue una actividad relajada, podíamos estar sentados en el barco y disfrutar de las olas sin cansarnos. Sin embargo, después hemos tenido que caminar hasta el Soho, Little Italy y China Town. Teníamos un guía que nos explicaba los hechos importantes de todas esas áreas. No puedo ni siquiera sentir los pies.






Time to go dinner! After all this marathon, we went to an Italian restaurant in little Italy where we are now having an amazing plate of pasta.

¡Hora de ir a cenar! Después de este maratón, hemos ido a un restaurante italiano en little Italy, donde estamos ahora comiendo espectacularmente.


Time to say goodbye… We’re taking the train at 7:45pm  and we’ll be in Bethel in about 2-2:30 hours.

Hora de decir adiós… Vamos a coger el tren a las 19:45 y estaremos en Bethel en unas 2-2:30 horas.

Summer Camp in USA

Day 21: Start spreading the news, i’m leaving today i want to be a part of it New york, New york!

Monday, 21st July.

We’re going to New  York for 2 days!  Our troop at 9:00am before taking the train to New Yorkl.

Nos vamos a Nueva York 2 días! Nuestra tropa a las 9 de la mañana antes de coger el tren hacia Nueva York.


We arrived to Grand Central station and quickly went to Rockefeller building. In few minutes we’re going to go to the top of this famous skyscraper… This will be very exciting!

Hemos llegado a la estación Grand Central y rápidamente hemos ido al edificio Rockefeller. En pocos minutos vamos a ir a la cima de este famoso rascacielos… ¡Va a ser muy emocionante!



As everybody knows, one picture can tell you more than 1000 words. Here we are:

Como todo el mundo  sabe, una imagen vale más que 1000 palabras. Aquí estamos:





After enjoying those views we had to go running to STARDUST DINNER. This is a restaurant where all the waiters are singers, so they are performing all the time. I’ve never seen anything like that before.

Después de disfrutar de esas vistas hemos tenido que ir a STARDUST DINNER. Es un restaurante donde todos los camareros son cantantes, por lo tanto están actuando todo el tiempo. Yo nunca había visto algo parecido.




Today is being very exhausting, but we still have to do the main activity : THE BASEBALL GAME. Actually now we are in the Yankees stadium, and a part from huge, this is how it looks like.

Hoy está siendo un día cansado, pero aún tenemos que hacer la actividad principal: EL PARTIDO DE BÉISBOL. En realidad ahora estamos en el estadio de los Yankees, y a parte de enorme, así es como luce:



The game started and the environment turned magical…

El partido ha empezado y el ambiente se ha vuelto mágico.




We don’t understand anything of the game, BUT WE HAVE FOOD.

No entendemos nada del partido, PERO TENEMOS COMIDA.







Finally, it wasn’t that bad. It was a new experience, and although we didn’t have the team in our heart, we had a great time.

Finalmente no ha estado tan mal. Ha sido una nueva experiencia, y aunque no llevemos al equipo en el corazón, hemos pasado un muy buen rato.

Summer Camp in USA

Weekend with host families.

Last weekend Spanish kids stayed with their host families, that’s why I didn’t upload any picture.

Monday we started our last adventure in USA because we went to NY

We are in Bethel now, so let’s start with New York posts.

Italian Design Workshop in Italy Week 2

Week two started with a tour and tactile experience behind the scenes at one of fashions best artisans. We were able to see the many patterns and materials that go in to creating woven goods for the fashion industry, what a great way to inspire textile use in Interior Design!!! After a morning of looking at the samples he creates for clients we were able to tour his design work shop and his factory work shop and see how an idea from a design label becomes a reality in Andrea’s studio.

So interesting to see the artist process! 

Rain was not our friend for travel, but the group persevered and made it to the furniture icon showroom of Self Habitat where we were able to sit in some of the most renowned chairs in modern design history. Learning about Italian designers and the process from which they get their inspiration to how they create the end product and all the considerations was an eye opening experience for all.
The week was not all field trips as studio time is needed to get the final projects done! So a few days of creating and workin through their own artist process was accompanied by a visit and lecture from Fabio Leoncini, the architect for Ferragamo. Fabio showed his international works to the group and talked with them about the ideas and concepts of Ferragamo and what he has to produce for them. Fabio walked the group through the drawings that he did for the latest instillation at the Museo Ferragamo and explained the level of details, down to the exact shoe that he had to provide for his high end employer!
As week two wraps up the group is well on their way to creating amazing attempts at interpreting Equilibrium inspired by Museo Ferragamo.
Some even had a chance to go to the Ballet while in Florence!
Ballet and Design

Day 17: Broadway stars!

We’re going to New York city! Tonight we are going to see the musical “MATILDA”.

Nos vamos a la ciudad de NUEVA YORK! Esta noche vamos a ver el musical “MATILDA”.


Welcome to NEW YORK CITY! The bus left us in the middle of TIMES SQUARE.

Bienvenidos a Nueva York! El autobús nos ha dejado en el medio de TIMES SQUARE.





Teachers gave us some free time, so we started to walk and entered in every shop we saw

Los profesores nos han dado un poco de tiempo libre, así que hemos empezado a caminar y hemos entrado en todas las tiendas vistas.

M&M’s shop:







Hard Rock Café.





If you watched the movie “Forrest Gump”, look what we saw!:

Y si viste la película “Forrest Gump”, mira lo que vimos!:



It’s getting late, time to go to Broadway! We entered the theatre and this is what the stage looked like. just AWESOME:

Se está haciendo tarde, ¡hora de ir a Broadway! Hemos entrado al teatro y así es como era el escenario. Simplemente increíble:




The musical finished and the actors went out to sign some autrographs. People were shouting a lot, everybody would love to be in their place.

El musical se acabó y los actores han salido a firmar unos autógrafos. La gente estaba gritando muchísimo, a cualquiera le gustaría estar en su lugar.




Way back to Bethel… We are very sad… Or maybe not, just watch the video:

De vuelta a Bethel… Estamos muy trsites… O a lo mejor no, solo ve el vídeo:

The End of this perfect trip


summer camp in usa

Day 16: Sky zone!!

Wednesday, July 16th.

Today we all went to SKYZONE! This is an indoor trampoline park in Bethel. Spanish kids brought their American host brothers and sisters and we spent the afternoon there. I guarantee we sweated a lot jumping and playing dodgeball in the trampolines.

¡Hoy hemos a ido a SKYZONE! Esto es un parque enorme de camas elásticas situado en Bethel. Los chavales españoles han traído a los niños de sus familias y hemos pasado la tarde ahí. Garantizo que hemos sudado un montón saltando y jugando a balón prisionero en las colchonetas.




photo 4


Summer Camp In USA

Day 15: Usual rainy day (but not for youth campers)

Tuesday, July 15th

Young campers went to Monster minigolf, so the Spanish CITs had to stayed at the camp and look after the kids that didn’t want to go. They had time to do whatever they wanted,  so some of them played sports and others made some bracelets. It was a relaxed day, but we wouldn’t be able to do anything because the sky was very dark and it was about to rain in few minutes Actually it started to rain hard at 2:00pm.

Los campers pequeñitos han ido al monster minigolf, así que los CITs españoles se han quedado en el campamento y han cuidado de los niños que no querían ir.  Han tenido tiempo para hacer lo que quisieran, por tanto algunos de ellos jugaron a varios deportes y otros hicieron pulseras (por ejemplo). Ha sido un día relajado, pero tampoco habríamos podido hacer nada porque el cielo estaba oscurísimo y era cuestión de tiempo que empezara a llover. Exactamente a las 14:00 ha empezado a caer una buena.



Por otra parte, los integrantes del Youth camp se lo han pasado bomba. Han tenido que ir al campamento en pijama y se han preparado para ver una película.  He recibido  varias  fotos de lo que iban haciendo:






Summer in USA

Day 14: Monday again!

We started a new week by doing two workshops, both of them related with plastic arts.  On the one hand, at Youth camp they made a class about some art techniques, and later they had time to show their own skills (I hope they did well). They made some bracelets too! I’m so jealous, I can never do those activities.

Hemos empezado una nueva semana haciendo dos talleres. En el Youth camp han hecho una clase sobre arte y más tarde han tenido tiempo para mostrar sus habilidades (espero que lo hicieran bien).  ¡Además han hecho pulseras! Estoy muy celoso, nunca puedo hacer esas actividades.


On the other hand, all the CIT’s enjoyed the morning making PILLOWS. They spent 2 hours designing their own pillow and starting sewing them.

Por otra parte, todos los CITs disfrutaron de la mañana haciendo cogines. Han estado 2 horas haciendo su propio cojín y empezando a coserlo.