Make your 2014 Resolutions of Seeing the World Come True

Make your 2014 Resolutions of Seeing the World Come True

Ways to Save Money For Your Trip Abroad

We know that on many of your New Year’s resolutions lists there is a phrase saying “Travel the World” or “See the World”.  How great would it be to check off that one?  Money and time are often the obstacles when we want to travel. But as most travel writers will tell you, there is usually almost always a way to fund your trip.

At Go Inspired, we know that getting together a chunk of money can be tough but we have some suggestions to help you gather that chunk so it isn’t extremely painful.

  • Plan in advance. If you know you want to go somewhere, then you must plan on saving that money. It is difficult to save a big amount of money in a short time. So set the goal and put money away each month.
  • Get an extra job. We know it is hard when you are studying and/or working. But there are some short-term job offers where you can make money in a short period of time (such as catering, waitering, babysitting, etc.)
  • Ask for a payment plan. We understand that you have other obligations. So talk to us and we will do our best to set up a payment plan to help you reach your goal of traveling.
  • Have a fundraiser. People love supporting other people’s dreams. Set up a fund and ask friends/family/church or other organizations you may be a part of to contribute. There are also many websites to help you receive money online like
  • Scholarships. Look around. Talk to people at your school. Call your local government. There are organizations that give money for a variety of reasons. You just need to do a bit of investigative work. But it will all pay off!

Flights can be expensive. Here are some other ideas to fly without emptying your wallet.

  • Points: if you have to use your credit card, most credit cards give you points. Those points can be used for flights. If you don’t have enough, many airlines allow you to get points from families and friends.
  • Buddy Passes: if you have a friend who works for an airline, he/she may be able to get you a buddy pass. You sometimes play a waiting game but it is definitely a way to fly for free.

Here at Go Inspired we want people to have amazing experiences. So please let us know how we can help you explore the world!

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