Yoga in Greece

Yoga in Greece

Yoga workshop in Samothrace/Samothraki, Greece.

This is a yoga, meditation and dance course that will focus on  rebalancing energy and repairing problems within our bodies. We will  practice sacred dances, meditation and dervish yoga where the science of  movement will be explored.  The goal is to focus on stimulating and  harmonizing our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual resources  allowing us to discover peace, creativity and joy in our daily lives.   Afternoons will be a time to uncover the beautiful waterfalls, springs,  beaches and small villages of Samothraki. On the morning of June 15th,  following the tradition of ancient times, we will dance in a temple  where people have danced for centuries to expand their vibrational  field. Marco Bendoni will be leading this workshop and trip.


  • June 4-13, 2012
  • August 16-25, 2012


  • 1200€
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