Sacred Dance and Yoga Workshop in Greece

Sacred Dance and Yoga Workshop in Greece

Have you ever wanted to escape to a Greek island surrounded by unspoiled nature? From June 29-July 3, 2015, we are offering our Yoga and Sacred Dance retreat. This Yoga and Sacred Dance retreat will focus on re-balancing energy and repairing problems within our bodies while going in search of the sacred. Sacred dances, meditation and dervish yoga coming from India and Tibet as well as other places, will be practiced and learned. It is a chance to treat yourself by focusing on stimulating and harmonizing all the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual resources.  This will allow you to be more at peace, more creative, and more joyful in their daily lives.

In the afternoons, the group will discover the island with its small villages, waterfalls, springs and beaches.

Join us in Samothrace/Samothraki, Greece! An enchanting experience awaits you.

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