Advice from Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray Love

Advice from Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray Love

We came across advice from Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of Eat, Pray, Love and we wanted to pass it along to our readers. We hear advice along the way as we are growing up and some advice we receive is good, other times it is just not applicable at that moment and even once in a while, it is bad advice. But if we are open to listening and being true to ourselves, we will find our true path. Here at Go Inspired, we encourage you to travel, travel and travel some more! Learning about other people, cultures and beliefs is a way to make this world a bit better of a place.

This was taken from Elizabeth Gilbert’s facebook on advice she wrote to a daughter of a friend.

“Out into the world you go! Here is some advice along your way: Stay out of debt! Keep your expenses low and learn how to live without luxuries so you can have a bigger and more free life, unbound by the fear of the bill collector. Remember that Autonomy Is The God of Woman. Never give your heart or your body to anyone who doesn’t view you as a precious treasure. Never use another person’s heart or body as a way to pass time while you’re waiting for real love to come along. Don’t ever expect somebody else to hand your destiny to you — go out and find it. Follow your curiosity bravely, because ultimately it is your curiosity that will lead you to your passion. Remember that you are not made of sugar candy: You are stronger than you think, more powerful than you could ever imagine. Therefore, stay near people who know that you are strong and stay away from people who fear that you are weak. Character is more important than personality, both in yourself and in your friends. Learn how to be happy alone. Listen more than you speak. (I’m still learning this one!) Don’t worry what anyone is thinking about you; they are only ever thinking about themselves, anyhow. Don’t smoke. Don’t ride motorcycles — especially not in Southeast Asia. Floss. Wear your seatbelt. Don’t drink sugary sodas. Try to be creative for a half an hour a day. Save your money (have I mentioned this?) and give yourself the gift of travel. Don’t get married too young: Statistics show that the happiest women are those who delayed marriage. (In the meantime, if you want to wear a pretty diamond ring, you can always buy one for yourself.) Be interested and you will always be interesting. Have FUN!

Love, Liz”

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