“A diverse set of experiences in life could be the greatest education you could have.”

At Go Inspired, we truly believe that in order for this world to be a better place, people need to travel and get out of their comfort zones. They need to meet other people who are different from them, who think diffently and eat different foods. If we all stay in one place, how can we know more?

Steve Jobs was a man who never finished college as we all know. Yet he went on to become such a successful person that changed the world and how we communicate. Steve always wanted to know more and never settled for what society was pushing for. This is a lesson we can take from him. We need to challenge ourselves-to think outside the box-to get out of our comfort zone. We need to take risks and explore without worrying so much about  what other people will think.

In a recent article in, there was an interview with Ashton Kutcher who is playing Steve jobs in a movie. This is what Ashton Kutcher said about Steve Jobs.

“I found a speech that he gave and he was speaking to high school kids that were about to graduate. He encouraged these kids to maybe go to Paris and try to write poetry or fall in love with two people … maybe this standard education wasn’t the greatest means to creative solutions,” Kutcher, 35, told reporters at a press conference for the film in N.Y.C.

“I wanted to do this film to inspire young people to create the world they live in. I think that was an ethos of Steve Jobs,” he said Monday.

“A diverse set of experiences in life could be the greatest education you could have. I found it to be very surprising that would be his opinion. And I think it was an opinion that he carried throughout his life. I think it’s a value.”

It is time to challenge yourself…to continue learning…to follow your dreams. The rewards are endless and can be carried with you throughout your life.