What are the fees of the programs?

Prices vary according to the program and the city in which you will be. Please refer to the Course Overview on the Course page that has the exact fee of the program.  A non-refundable deposit  of 500 euros for most programs is required before full payment is made.

Why travel abroad?

The benefits are endless. Learn first-hand about a new culture and experience life abroad. Often, while living abroad there are chances for self-discovery and growth opportunities. Experience a different way of living and see different social norms. Being immersed in a foreign language allows language improvement as well as getting to know different types of people. Being exposed to and learning about new cultures and languages are priceless in this global world.

How do I apply for the program?

If you are applying for a workshop, you will be able to download an application on the page with the workshop information. If you are looking to be a volunteer, you will find the volunteer application on the volunteer information page. For our high school and university trips, you will find the application on the High School and University Trips page. If you do not see the appropriate application, please contact us and we will provide you with the correct form.

Is insurance included?

No. Insurance coverage varies by your nationality and what your country provides. You will be required to show proof of medical insurance before you begin our program.

Go Inspired requires all participants to secure medical insurance (depending on participant country) which covers Participant while abroad for the duration of the Program. Participant may already be covered by a medical insurance policy. If this is the case, please check the insurance policy to ensure it includes overseas coverage. If Participant does not currently have medical insurance, a good option is to obtain travel/trip cancellation insurance that includes medical coverage. Participant is responsible for submitting proof of medical insurance to the Go Inspired office no later than 30 days prior to departure. If Participant has a pre-existing or current medical condition and/or allergies, Participant must advise the Go Inspired office on the Application or by email.

What are the visa requirements?

The visa requirements depend on where you are going and where you are coming from. It is important to find out specific information regarding visa requirements. For Go Inspired’s programs in India, most everyone needs a visa. Please check with your embassy. For Go Inspired’s programs in Greece, Italy and Romania, Europeans, Americans and Canadians do not need a visa if the stay is less than 90 days.